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Hello there

I am Marta, passionate Interior Designer since the age of 6. Yes, that’s when I was first taken to an IKEA store and got absorbed by the power of roomsets (and the ball pit, of course).  As a child, my interest in interiors only included rearranging furniture in my room on a monthly basis, and tirelessly creating dreamy homes for my Sims characters.

It actually hasn't been until my early twenties when I realised I could turn this obsession of mine into a career. During my university studies it became obvious that I needed a meaningful job that would never tire me, and I soon found that sort of satisfaction in helping people feel better in their homes.

I’ve since been steadily working towards my goal of becoming your knowledgeable home furnishing advocate. I built my career working in various amazing roles such as a B2B Home Furnishing Consultant, Retail & Commercial Interior Designer, Project Manager, and Remote Residential Interior Designer. I’ve been freelancing since 2017 and I set up MB "Embee" Interiors 2 years later.

I'm dedicated to make good design accessible to anyone and I truly enjoy every step of this process. The most rewarding part for me however, is hearing how happy my clients are upon completion of a project. It's just incredible how powerful transforming a space can be! 
I’m mostly influenced by Scandinavian-inspired and pared-back interiors for their simplicity and honesty. My design ethos is creating calming, balanced spaces with meaning, honesty and intention.

If you feel that you resonate with anything above, I'd love to hear from you! 


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Phone: +44 7 707 430 341

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