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Embee Interiors is the trading name of Marta Balazs & her Partners, Self-Employed Interior Designer based in London. We are not registered for VAT.


Address: 82 Azof Street, London, England, SE10 0EF.
Phone: +44 7 707 430 341


These terms and conditions apply to the services of Embee Interiors and the use of website and associated marketing material, which are operated by Embee Interiors. References to Embee Interiors as ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ shall be deemed to be references to Embee Interiors. References to ‘you’, and ‘your’ shall be deemed to be references to the persons requesting a service or placing an order via the website, as well as for telephone, email or postal orders. These terms & conditions also cover our emails and any other associated promotional activity. 


By requesting a service or placing an order, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms & conditions, you must not request our services or order through our website, via email or phone. 


Your use of any information on this website is entirely at your own risk. It is your responsibility to ensure that any information available through this website meet your specific requirements and skills. Embee Interiors will not be held responsible for any form of issue caused by the advice provided.


Our website includes links to other websites. These links are provided for your convenience to provide further information, some of which are affiliate links. Please note that once you visit such external sites, you are subject to their own terms and conditions.


Our terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. If you have any questions, please contact us by email on


These Terms and Conditions set out the entire agreement between: 

  1. Marta Balazs, Self-Employed Interior Designer practising as Embee Interiors, registered address: 82 Azof Street, London, England, SE10 0EF; and, 

  2. You – any person requesting a service or placing an order, referred to as the “Client” in these Terms.


By using this Website and our services, you, the Client, acknowledge that you have read these Terms, which will apply to the relationship between the Parties. If you do not agree to the terms of these Terms, you should not use this Website or any of our services. 


  1. Embee Interiors will provide the Interior Design Services in accordance with the specification set out in the accepted Quotation and in this Terms and Conditions.

  2. We accept professional engagements for Interior Design Services from domestic clients throughout Website, by phone and e-mail.

  3. When you contact us, if requested, Embee Interiors can visit the home or space in question for an on-site consultation fee. Consultations will last approximately one (1) hour and may be attended by up to two designers from Embee Interiors. In any event, we will speak and correspond with you to take your further detailed instructions and prepare a Design Plan, which is a tailored and personalised design setting out in detail the Interior Design Services required.

  4. The Design Plan will be created digitally by Embee Interiors and either sent to you in the form of a presentation to view or will be discussed with you in person. We do require certain details before preparing the Design Plan, including the location and size of the room(s) or space(s) to be designed or re-designed, and the aesthetic and stylistic requirements and aspirations.

  5. We may provide sketches, impressions, plans or similar documents in advance of the Project. Any such material is intended for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to provide an exact specification of the Project nor to guarantee specific results.

  6. Embee Interiors will endeavour to advise You of the predicted timescale of works as soon as is possible after the quotes have been produced. All such dates shall be approximates only and Embee Interiors cannot be held responsible for any delay in completion.

  7. Embee Interiors been retained to provide interior design services only. Embee Interiors is not a general contractor and will not act in such capacity. Any issues concerning construction elements must be discussed between Client and his/her contractor.

  8. Embee Interiors is responsible for organising Third Party companies, firms or individuals (“Third Party Suppliers”) to undertake certain work for You, such as decorating, building work, carpet fitting, curtain and blind manufacture and fitting and such other work as confirmed by Embee Interiors upon Your request.

  9. We will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Products We use match those chosen by You and are consistent in the relevant room or space. There may be slight variations to the same Products as a result of differences between photographs, catalogues and other materials, and the Products themselves, or as a result of minor technical changes which will not impact your use of the Product in question. Product packaging may also vary. If different Products are required due to non-availability, We will not supply them without consulting with You first, in advance of the Project. If You do not wish to accept the alternative Products, You may cancel and receive a full refund of all sums paid including, where applicable, the Deposit.

  10. If you select a personal shopping service, we have the right to keep any percentage of trade discounts offered where applicable. To clarify, direct trade discounts are reserved for clients who are purchasing the products themselves via the use of discount codes or through our online trade account platforms.

  11. We will ensure that the Interior Design Services are performed with reasonable care and skill and to a reasonable standard which is consistent with best trade

  12. If you select our On-Site Measurement Service, we measure your desired space(s) with a laser measure and provide to-scale floor-plans drawn on our software. These measurements are for information purposes and guidance and we neither offer nor imply any warranty as to their accuracy and you should rely on your own due diligence.  Embee Interiors designers will endeavour to scale up floor plans provided you or your contractor with reasonable accuracy. Embee Interiors does however require you to check these floor plans are accurate and correct before beginning any form of design work such as hiring tradesmen, requesting quotes and purchasing furniture and other items.

  13. We will ensure that no parts of the Property suffer damage as a result of Our provision of the Interior Design Services. We will make good any damage that occurs at no additional expense to You as soon as is reasonably possible.

  14. Where a Project is to last for more than one working day, the Interior Designer will where reasonably possible leave the room or space in a clean and tidy state and minimise any disruption to Your use and enjoyment of the Property while work is being carried out. We will wherever possible store all tools and materials only in areas where work is being carried out or remove them from the property at the end of each working day.

  15. Due to the nature of the Interior Design business we cannot guarantee that Clients will always like our recommendations. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any refunds in this case. However please feel free to contact Embee Interiors and we will be happy to discuss the design concept further over the phone and perhaps make further recommendations via phone/email in special cases.


  1. You warrant and confirm that the Client Information you disclose to us will be sufficient, accurate and complete in every respect.

  2. The Client shall ensure that the property is accessible to members of Embee Interiors and any third party suppliers providing services throughout the duration of the works.

  3. If You do not provide the required access to the Property or make it impossible for Us to provide the Interior Design Services by failing to comply with any other provision in this clause 10, and do not have a good reason for this, We may invoice you for any additional charges incurred as a result.

  4. The Client will ensure that utilities such as electricity and water are available for use at the property throughout works and at no cost to Embee Interiors.

  5. If any consents, licences or other permissions are needed from any third parties such as landlords, planning authorities, local authorities or similar, You must obtain them before We begin to provide the Interior Design Services.

  6. We may ask you to move or remove certain furniture, fixtures and fittings in the Property before we begin work. Unless You and We specifically agree otherwise, this is Your obligation.

  7. If You discover a defect with one or more Products purchased by us or if the Product or Products have been incorrectly described, You should inform Us via email and we will then contact the supplier of the Product to request a refund, repair or replacement on your behalf and you appoint us as your agent for this purpose.

  8. Following completion of the Project, you shall have a reasonable opportunity to inspect the completed work and to notify us of any snagging issues or other minor We shall correct the seat no additional cost to you provided they do not represent a substantial material change in the Project.


  1. The Client will form a contractual relationship with Third Party Suppliers, and will be responsible for managing these relationships and any financial settlements direct with Third Party Suppliers.

  2. If so requested, Embee Interiors may coordinate the services and financial settlements with the Third Party Suppliers on their behalf, as part of the service undertaken, but the Client will remain ultimately responsible for the contractual relationship with the Third Party Supplier.

  3. Embee Interiors is not responsible for forming any contractual relationship on behalf of the Client.


  1. The charges for the services are set out in the Estimate or Quotation as amended or updated by Embee Interiors and communicated to the Client.

  2. For all E-Design packages we take full payment up front and will only start working on your E-Designs once Payment and all Client Information have been received. We expect payment within seven (7) working days of invoicing.

  3. Payment should be made by electronic bank transfer using bank details we provide.

  4. The Quotation for Bespoke Designs are calculated based on a number of factors such as the amount of design work involved, site visits required, email time exchanged, anticipated installation days and so on, and includes a project manager to oversee & assist with installation help, liaise with tradesmen and logistics assistance unless stated otherwise. Our Quotations typically exclude manual labour typically carried out by a handyman, contractor or builder for installations or renovations, however this will be arranged by us on your behalf and should be accounted for in your own budget.

  5. At the time of accepting the Quotation for your Bespoke Design, or not more than seven (7) working days thereafter, depending on the nature of the work and any specialist Products required in advance, You may be required to pay Us a Deposit. The Deposit will be fifty percent (50%) of the Quoted Fee. We will not commence a Project until the Deposit is paid in full.

  6. The Quoted Fee for your Bespoke design will include the price payable for the Interior Design Services only. Once the Project commences, we will begin to put together an itemised breakdown of the Products to buy, which you have the right to approve everything or reject. We will then invoice you for the Products and once the relevant money is received, we then purchase the Products on their behalf.

  7. The Quoted Fee and the Final Fee are inclusive of VAT (if applicable). If the rate of VAT changes We will adjust the amount of VAT that You must pay.

  8. We will invoice for the balance of fees due and owing You when the Project has been completed.

  9. You must pay our final invoice within thirty (30) calendar days of receiving it by electronic bank transfer using bank details we provide.

  10. Interest at the rate of 8% per month shall be payable on all accounts not settled by their due date. The interest will be added monthly thereafter from the due date until the settlement is received.

  11. Should Embee Interiors have to instruct a debt recovery agency, or instigate legal proceedings, You will be liable for any costs incurred.


  1. You have the right to cancel this Contract at any time up to the end of 7 (seven) working days after payment has been made for the Quote, subject to the following provisions. A working day is any day other than weekends and bank or other public holidays.

  2. You do not have the right to cancel the Contract if the supply of the Service begins with the Your agreement before the end of the 7 (seven) working day cancellation period.

  3. To exercise the right of cancellation, You must give written notice to Embee Interiors by hand or post at our address or email.

  4. Once You have notified Embee Interiors that You are cancelling the Contract, Embee Interiors will within 30 days refund You for the Services.

  5. Following the seven day period set out in clause 1. of the Cancellation and Termination Policy, the client has the right to terminate the contract at any time giving notice in writing to Embee Interiors. You will be liable to pay Embee Interiors for the services provided to the date of Termination (including but not limited to Services already performed, goods and materials supplied or ordered on Your behalf, any services that may incur cancellation fees and any travel or accommodation costs incurred by Embee Interiors Consultants).

  6. A delay by either party in acting on a breach of this contract will not be regarded as a waiver of the breach. If either party waives a breach of the Contract by the other, the waiver is limited to the particular breach.

  7. Termination of contract will not affect either party’s outstanding rights or duties, including Embee Interiors’s right to recover any money owing to it under these terms and conditions.


  1. Embee Interiors shall have no Liability to You for any loss, damage, costs, expenses or other claims for compensation arising from any information or instruction supplied by You which is or are incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate.

  2. Embee Interiors shall not be liable to You for any unforeseeable loss or damage arising from the provision (or non-provision) of the Services, including loss of profit or consequential loss or damage.

  3. Neither Embee Interiors, nor the Client shall be liable for any failure to perform its duties under this Contract due to circumstances beyond their control, including without limitation flood, fire or otherwise adverse weather conditions.

  4. To enable Embee Interiors to deal with any complaints that may arise relating to the Services, You must provide full details of any complaints within 7 (seven) working days of the supply of the relevant services.

  5. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions affect any liability for death or personal injury caused by Embee Interiors negligence or for fraudulent misrepresentation, or the Client’s statutory rights as a consumer.


  1. Embee Interiors will only use personal information provided by You for the purpose of providing the Services, or for informing You about the availability of similar services, unless You agree otherwise.

  2. You can correct any information, or ask for information about You to be delayed, by giving written notice to Embee Interiors at the following address: Embee Interiors, 82 Azof Street, SE10 0EF, London, United Kingdom or via email to 

  3. We have taken every measure to prevent internet fraud and ensure data collection from you is stored as securely as possible. However, we cannot be liable in the event of a breach in our secure computer servers.


  1. The copyright, design right and all other intellectual property rights in any materials and other documents or items prepared or produced for You by or on behalf of Embee Interiors in connection with the Services shall belong to Embee Interiors absolutely and any such materials, documents or items shall be or remain the sole property of Embee Interiors.

  2. Embee Interiors shall be permitted to use photographs of Your property which demonstrates the Services provided by Embee Interiors for its own marketing purposes.

  3. You shall be entitled to use any such materials, documents or other items as are referred to in clause 1. of Copyright in connection with the Services but shall not be entitled to copy any such items or use them for any commercial purpose without the consent of Embee Interiors.

  4. In accessing the website you agree that you will access the content solely for your personal, non-commercial use.


  1. These Terms and Conditions, and the relationship between you and Us (whether contractual or otherwise) shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, English law.

  2. Any dispute, controversy, proceedings or claim between you and Us relating to these Terms and Conditions or the relationship between you and Us (whether contractual or otherwise) shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England & Wales.


This website may accept some forms of advertising, including sponsorship and product placement. Advertisements are used to improve the website and to offset the costs of running it. Some of the regular costs include domains, hosting, social media/promotion managing tools etc. All sponsored content is stated. Brands have little editorial control over the content we create with regards to sponsored post (or gifted products that appear on the post). Here at Embee Interiors, we only recommend products that we love and respect. Occasionally, Embee Interiors will seek financial payment in exchange for promoting, recommending and showcasing products or services. We may also get compensation to feature products in our interior photographs across the website and social media. Even though we receive financial payment for the posts, we always give honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences.

This website is written and edited by Marta Balazs. If you have any questions, please use the contact page or email us at

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