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What's your interior design process?

These are the steps of E-Design:
1. Collaborative Moodboard creation on Pinterest
2. Submitting all relevant files (photos, measurements) for the 2D Floorplan
3. 60 minute Onboarding Call
4. Invoicing
5. Start of Design process
6. Finalising the Shopping List including some alternatives where relevant
7. Optional 30 minute Follow-up Call & Design Pack sent via email
8. Revision including minor changes and 1-2 product replacements

The process of On-site Design is very similar, however there are multiple checkpoints in between as well as site visits included. 


You also have the option to upgrade for the following services once the designs have been completed:

• Procurement Service where I take care or ordering all your materials and furnishings for your room(s). As I pass on my Trade Discounts to you, you can essentially make back the costs of the designs! Price on asking.

Installation Service (or Project Management) where I liaise with contractors and take care of the whole installation process of your new interior. Price on asking.


Which interior design styles can you cater for?

For every project, I'm working closely with my clients to create a design that meets their individual needs and is functional for them. We start by filling out a short form that helps me learn more about your space, lifestyle and design preferences. We create Pinterest boards together so that we're super clear on the aesthetic direction before starting the design process.


Why should I choose you?

I'm a very good listener, a perfectionist problem-solver with great attention to detail and design magpie. I love connecting with people and helping them see the potential in their spaces what they perhaps can't visualise. I'm a firm believer that our spaces affect our moods and everyday habits, well-thought-through interiors are really essential for all of us.


Throughout my career I’ve been steadily working towards my goal of becoming your knowledgeable home furnishing advocate. I worked in various amazing roles and took on a diverse range of projects seeing clients from different backgrounds and preferences, and since I'm all about making my clients happy above all, I managed to always cater for their needs.


What is the delivery time for your design services?

I’ll commence work on your project once payment has been received, kicking off with an invitation for your Onboarding call. After that it generally takes up to 10 business days to have the design packs developed (for up to 2 rooms) unless agreed otherwise. 


What I need from you for a smooth design process: It’s really important that I obtain all the information prior to starting your designs! Make sure to submit any measurements, photos of your rooms (or any of the items you wish to keep in these spaces), as well as your Pinterest boards 24 hours prior to your Onboarding call. Then on the day of our meeting please tell me every detail that you wish to have incorporated or affect the final concept. 


Can you provide your services online or remotely?

Of course! Whether you are local to London, or live on the other side of the planet, I'm happy to help you out! I've completed projects throughout the UK, as well as short lets in Budapest, Hungary and even holiday homes in Africa. All I need is accurate measurements and some photos of your space.


Can I see the furniture layout first and the rest of the design later?

Determining a good layout and selecting furniture goes hand-in-hand, and the whole scheme really makes sense only when everything fell into place. Therefore I don't usually share snippets of the design before it's all finished. However, if you wish to go for a more collaborative design process, please select the On-site Design package where we have multiple checkpoints during the layout & concept development. If you chose the E-Design service, that's a one-off design so you can expect to receive the completed room design once all details have been finalised. 


Can I have some revisions after I've seen the designs?

Yes! Once your designs have been finalised and sent over to you, we'll schedule a Follow-up call where I explain your plans and answer any questions and concerns regarding them. I’ll make sure to share your designs a few days before we’d schedule in your Follow-up call, so you have time to gather all your notes beforehand! After this call, any requested minor change or further product will be emailed to you. 


What if I have further questions after the Follow-up call?

On-site Design packages include 6 weeks Post-Design Support via email and Whatsapp, so you can contact me with any questions regarding your design and while installing them during that period. If you purchased the E-Design service, you can also have access to me during business hours by topping your package up with Post-Design Support for £150 / week.


Let's Work Together

Hope you found my answers above helpful. Something I haven't covered? Please reach out to me directly, and let's work out together how I could best assist you. 

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