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Warm and Calm Master Bedroom: Transforming an Unloved Space


Budapest, Hungary



“I never thought that this room would become my favourite. Everyone who has ever lived in this house hated this room, it was always so cold, sad and gloomy. I know it’s not yet finished but it already feels so nice to wake up in this room.”

When taking on this project we knew this room would need extra attention. It had a bad reputation for always being cold and dark, so we fixed this first by not only choosing a colour palette that brings in warmth, but also installing thermal wallpaper on the walls. Since the window overlooked the back garden we saw potential in replacing it to doors which could allow direct access to a private area of the garden and let more light in. The new layout of furniture is now balanced and welcoming as the bed is facing toward you and there are no tall wardrobe-sides in your face upon entry. We’ve added various light sources around as well as mirrors to bounce in more natural light.

There’s still a lot to come until this room is complete, but it definitely feels more peaceful and calm here already!

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