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We design spaces in response to the genuine needs expressed by our clients - drawing from their personality and intentions, as well as our own instinct of what feels right. All to achieve a healthier, more functional and aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. 


Hello there!

I am Marta, Founding Designer of Embee Interiors. It's so great to have you here!

Interior Design and me is a true love story. When I was a child, it all started by rearranging the furniture in my room every month, but it hasn't been until my early twenties when I realised I could turn this obsession of mine into a career. During my university studies it became clear to me that I needed a meaningful job that would never tire me, and I soon found that sort of satisfaction in helping people feel better in their homes.

Ever since I'm dedicated to make good design accessible to anyone and I truly enjoy every step of this journey. love being a resource for bringing beautiful and functional designs to life. The most rewarding part for me however, is seeing clients’ astonished faces upon completion of a project. It's just incredible how powerful transforming a space can be! I’m mostly influenced by Scandinavian-inspired and pared-back interiors for their simplicity and honesty. This is also captured in everything that we do.

Embee Interiors' design ethos is creating calming, balanced spaces with meaning, honesty and intention. I believe that nothing is impossible and every opportunity is there for us to grow!


I'd love to hear from you, get in touch if you'd like to work with me.


“I am delighted and surprised by the quality of the service I have been provided. Very professional, detail oriented, super helpful consulting process. Very pleased so far.”


“The flat turned out absolutely amazing overall, I personally adore its colours, spaciousness and the cohesion between the rooms. The blue curtains were a bit too dark for me at first, however the overview of the bedroom is actually really great. The yellow curtains are personally my favourites, I love them!”


“I’m so glad Marta helped me with designing my short term rental property. I have no interior design skills at all so I relied on her expertise from the beginning. I had all my trust in her and I have to say she definitely knows what she’s doing!”



No matter which stage you are with your project - let it only be the need of change, a half-finished interior, or not knowing where to begin at all - we are here to help! Get in touch today to set up your free initial consultation.

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"We shape our homes and then our homes shape us."

Winston Churchill